• We do DevOps.

    We work with your developers to build, manage and support scalable infrastructure.

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  • We do support.

    We provide application and service support for your developers and other technical staff.

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  • We do security.

    Whether compliance, ddos evasion or code auditing, we'll help keep your data available and safe.

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24/7 Monitoring

We'll monitor your services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, resolve issues automatically and notify you when necessary.

Deployment Strategy

Testing and deployment should be built into your processes, not an afterthought. We can make it easy.

Application Scaling

Growth can be unpredictable, but infrastructure should be engineered to grow predictably. Rest assured, we make scalability a top concern.


Let us design your configuration management strategy so that you can deploy machines and orchestrate tasks at the click of a button.

Disaster Planning

Cloud infrastructure is convenient, but it doesn't nullify the basics. We'll plan backup, recovery and high availability for your services and applications to eliminate or reduce downtime.


We support the infrastructure we build. Ask us about knowledge-base and support services for your technical users.

We do what we love

We love building and managing infrastructure and we have a ton of experience doing it. But, that's not all we do. We solve data problems. We solve compute problems. We solve technology problems.

Email Solutions

We've put together solutions for marketing teams by bringing together tools like Interspire, PMTA, Postfix, DKIM and built automated tools for integrating CRM data.

Amazon Web Services

We've made it easy for teams to provision machines in EC2 by setting up a tagging taxonomy that is programatically made use of in configuration management.

Asset Management

We've built digital asset management (DAM) systems for managing, collaborating, archiving and searching institutional media files (photos, video and documents) using tools like ResourceSpace.

API Development

There's no problem too large or small for us. Tell us where your logistical kinks are and we'll help work them out.

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Ninjas? At your service

When you require success, you need a team of ninjas who are quick, competent and skillful in the art of understanding the mission and the means.

We have a large array of experience tailoring solutions to solve unique problems in systems administration, security and development. When you hire us, we become a member of your team and provide support services you can depend on for expertise and help at a moments notice. We recognize that every need is different, so we are flexible in establishing the terms of our relationship. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner for your success.


We can integrate two unrelated systems or applications and build real-time data migration tools. Think: that email marketing tool and/or your CRM.


Imagine tracking events across services and having a tool for easily building visual reports, stitching identities and predicting behavior. Those are some of the things we've done.


Let's build a support contract where we are an extension of your team.

What is a ninja?


A ninja, in the context of development or systems engineering, is someone who has mastered the trade and is able to execute quickly and efficiently. A ninja understands your needs and crafts a solution that is simple, stable and clever.